Film Reviews Florence Foster Jenkins
Florence Foster Jenkins

Rated: PG
Times: Daily: 5:50pm and 8:20pm
Based on the true story of a New York heiress (Meryl Streep) who is obsessed with singing in the opera, despite having an awful singing voice. Her husband St Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant) tries to hide this fact from her but when she starts thinking about debuting in New York’s Carnegie Hall, the consequences of having no self-criticism are guaranteed.

One of the most entertaining biopics I’ve seen, Florence Foster Jenkins has some hilarious scenes; with both Meryl Streep portraying her passion as a singer and Hugh Grant as someone who genuinely loves his wife, brilliantly and convincingly. Simon Helberg also shines as her real life piano player, Cosme McMoon. The production and costume designs of WWII-era America are, as always with British period pieces, excellent and it’s clear that director Stephen Frears is at his best when working with inventive settings like these.

Overall, Florence Foster Jenkins is much more tolerable that the typical Oscar-bait biopic we usually get from these kind of films. It’s an entertaining romp whilst giving the audience an important message about real people with real passion for their art – despite criticism.

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