The Legend of Tarzan (Rated: 12A)

Love Bridgnorth’s film reviewer Charlie Pugh gives us the low down on the latest Tarzan film. Charlie has just completed his second year as a film studies student at the University of Wolverhampton and lives in Bridgnorth.

The Legend of Tarzan is showing at Bridgnorth’s majestic cinema daily at 3:50pm, 6:20pm and 8:50pm.

Years after leaving his wild jungle life behind, the man formerly known as Tarzan, Lord Greystoke (Alexander Skarsgard) is summoned back to the Congo with his wife Jane (Margot Robbie) by George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) to attend a trade conference. But when all three fall victim to a trap masterminded by Belgian slave-trader Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz), Greystoke must reclaim his former title in order to save his family.

After directing the last four Harry Potter films, David Yates’s attempt at re-imagining Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic character for a new generation is impressive in terms of the narrative progression, but not in terms of structure. Taking inspiration from both Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in how it builds its back-story and establishes Tarzan’s goal works well, however it’s undermined by obvious editing goofs coupled some missing key character development scenes – such as the relationship between Tarzan and his adopted gorilla brother and the reason Tarzan left the jungle in the first place.

Although the cinematography, score and performances from some actors such as Jackson and Waltz are excellent to a point, Alexander Skarsgard as the main man is somewhat lost in the role and Margot Robbie is given little to work with as Jane.

So despite having some entertaining moments, The Legend of Tarzan, just isn’t good enough to qualify as a “Jungle V.I.P”.

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