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Finding Dory

Summer hols special…Finding Dory….here’s one of Charlie Pugh’s Film Reviews:

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One year after successfully helping the worrisome clownfish Marlin reunite with his son Nemo, Dory suddenly starts to remember her long-lost parents. With the help of her two companions and a grumpy octopus named Hank, a Whale Shark called Destiny and Bailey the Beluga, she must search the California Marine Life Institute to find her family.

Pixar Animation Studios, now entering their 30th year, has had a bit of a rough reception regarding their sequels that aren’t related to the Toy Story franchise, however Finding Dory may have finally broken that curse, although it just falls a bit below its timeless 2003 predecessor.

The background animation is once again absolutely breathtaking – presenting the harshness of the perilous sea that made the first film such a success; and the Marine Park as an at times inviting, but at other times a threatening fish hospital.

Another aspect I really admire, is the further development of Dory’s character and her short-term memory loss. As she slowly starts to gain more memories of her past life with her parents through flashbacks throughout the narrative, she starts to become stronger, despite her shortcomings, which serves as an important message about coping and living with disabilities – allowing the narrative to get really quite emotional at times.

Finding Dory should keep families entertained for weeks…while delivering a worthwhile and needed message.

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