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Sausage Party (Rated: 15)

OK, so we’ve all had a bit of a snigger at the title of this film – so now is the chance to get Charlie Pugh’s take on this most improbable adult of animations featuring supermarket foods (!) which is now showing daily at Bridgnorth’s Majestic Cinema at 6:20pm and 8:30pm.

Although life may seem perfect for Frank (Seth Rogen), Brenda (Kristen Wiig), Barry (Micheal Cera), Carl (Jonah Hill) and the rest of the living food at Shopwells, they are about to discover the terrible truth of what happens when food goes to “The Great Beyond.”

It’s not too often that an adults-only animated film gets a wide release in multiple cinemas. Being the first adult-only CGI animated film Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg, fresh off their success in adult comedy films such as Pineapple Express and This is the End, push the 15 rating to the limit with this twisted yet gut-punishingly funny film. It’s really not for the feint hearted: race, sex and gory jokes are all on the menu and several food groups serve as visual metaphors for different ethnic groups, such as teabags as stereotypical British gentlemen and the German beer. One sequence in particular, near the end, is so unbelievable and funny in terms of execution that it’s worth putting sense aside seeing  it just for that alone.

A brisk running time keeps the narrative straight and to the point, and despite a slightly warped and mixed delivery the message about the flaws of religious obsessions, coupled with the zany animation style entertains.  However not all of the jokes hit their mark and the character animation of the human characters is poorly rendered.

Overall, Sausage Party is definitely not for the fainthearted but it’s still worth watching in order to support a possible wider range of adult-only animated films for the future which will take the medium into untold new directions.

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