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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Rated: 12A)

Now showing at Bridgnorth Cinema Times: Daily: 5:50pm – another Gothic masterpiece by Tim Burton.

After loosing his grandfather from mysterious supernatural creatures known as Hallows, Jake (Asa Butterfield) goes in search of, and discovers, his grandfathers’ former childrens home. Here he meets an establishment hosting children with magical abilities, run under the watchful eye of  the mysterious Miss Peregrine (Eva Green). When the Hallows return, it is up to Jake to save his new friends and avenge his grandfather.

Although Tim Burton is one of the most memorable directors of the last three decades thanks to his distinctive art direction, his complex Gothic characters and his twisted sense of humour, his recent adaptations of existing works such as Alice in WonderlandDark Shadows and Planet of the Apes have lacked the subtlety of his 80’s and 90’s work such as Beetlejuice, the first two Batman films and The Nightmare Before Christmas. By  adapting a lesser known source such as Ransom Riggs’s first novel in the Miss Peregrine series, Burton has a better chance of displaying his usual flair without alienating viewers – even if the plot does get a little convoluted at times.

Visually, Burton’s greatest strength in creating memorable worlds is fully realised in each of the special children: which range from an invisible boy; a girl with an extra mouth at the back of her head; a girl born without gravity who has to wear iron boots to keep her on the ground and twins with snake faces – each is memorable and creative. And Burton’s knack for building atmosphere helps make the not-too-impressive Hallows feel threatening and intimidating nonetheless.

Eva Green does a fantastic job as a cross between Mary Poppins and Dumbledore as the no nonsense Miss Peregrine herself, while several others such as Judi Dench and Samuel L Jackson provide memorable supporting roles.

Overall, despite some issues with the complications of the plot, Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children is a refreshing new direction for Tim Burton – without having to rely too much on Johnny Depp. It’s a fun fantasy flick that should keep the whole family entertained.

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