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T2 Trainspotting (Rated: 18)
Love Bridgnorth film reviewer Charlie Pugh has been to see T2 Trainspotting Danny Boyle’s follow up to his famous original – an amazing 20 years on.

Times at Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema: Weekdays: 5:40pm and 8:30pm. Weekends: 2:50pm, 5:40pm and 8:30pm.

Two decades after betraying his friends, Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) returns to Scotland to make amends with “Spud” (Ewen Bremner) and “Sick Boy”(Johnny Lee Miller). However things take a turn for the worst when his old nemesis, Begbie (Robert Carlyle) is released from jail…..

Danny Boyle’s 1996 black comedy classic Trainspotting has entertained British audiences for over twenty years thanks to its humorous yet darkly satirical analysis on conformity and youth disillusionment. Although this long-in development sequel does try to recreate a lot of these iconic moments such as including another speech about “choosing” from Mark Renton and some of the climatic scenes are shot in identical methods to the original, neither Danny Boyle and returning writer John Hodge add much social commentary this time round.  Ultimately it boils down to a story that is a little too safe, despite the huge potential themes of betrayal and opening old wounds.

The cinematography and editing remain true – keeping the Tarintino like world of Trainspotting consistent, even if it’s not as stylized as last time.

The four returning cast members all remain committed with Ewen Bremner getting the biggest laughs as his character remains virtually unchanged; Ewan McGregor and Johnny Lee Miller work off each other well in their own intertwining subplots and Robert Carlyle’s Begbie is still as nasty as ever, yet oddly endearing as well, although I wish Kelly MacDonald’s character was given a bit more screentime, as her return to her first acting gig amounts to a cameo appearance.

Overall, T2 Trainspotting doesn’t really break new ground in terms of Danny Boyle standards, but fans should be satisfied with this extension to the film that told them to “Choose”.

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