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Love, Simon (Rated: 12A)

Love Bridgnorth film reviewer Charlie Pugh gives us his verdict on the charming love story Love, Simon which not only celebrates different relationships, but all kinds of love as well.

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Although he’s the most popular boy in high school and has lots of friends and a loving family, Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) cannot bring himself to tell anyone about his homosexual identity. When he falls for a blogger he meets online named “Blue” a careless mistake ends getting the attention of an annoying school mascot named Martin (Logan Miller) who threatens to leak out his secret if Simon doesn’t help him win the attention of Abby (Alexandra Shripp), one of Simon’s closet friends….

Feeling just like a classic John Hughes film such as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in capturing the truths of difficult high school life, Love, Simon is a charming celebration of true love and relationships, that isn’t afraid to educate people about different depictions of same-sex relationships that most mainstream films and tv show’s more ‘over-the top’ depictions don’t address.

Like those previously mentioned films the film’s biggest strength comes from the acting abilities of its young leads; Nick Robinson is utterly charming and likable as Simon himself and Katherine Langford, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Alexandra Shripp as his friends are all commendable – even if some of those characters have predictable story-arcs and Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel feel somewhat underused – despite their names playing a large role in the marketing of this film.

Although this film thankfully does its job in giving the audience a much-needed message about the importance of acceptance the film isn’t afraid to make Simon a flawed, yet relatable, character. Simon’s fantasies about his view on life add humour and a sequence of kids coming out to their parents as straight serves as a great example of  heart-warming wit.

Overall Love, Simon is a sweet and charming love-story that not only celebrates different relationships, but all kinds of love as well.

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