Retailers Meeting – Crown Pub – Tuesday 27th November 2018 – 5.45pm – 4th Meeting


Apologies – many and various! Nina (Living Box); Chrissy (Kitt), Lauren;  Jen & Georgina (MLWS); Kevin (Roobarb); Deb (Hallmark); Carl (BN flowers); Jane (D’arcys); Jacqueline (Malthouse); Sarah (Mustard); Mel (Mothers Goodies); Deb (Tea & Roses); Maggie (Travel Wallet); Vicky (Sainsburys); Richard (BN Print)


Attendance –

Sally Themans (LoveBridgnorth), Nigel Higgins & John Major (Parker Taylor Mens/Ladieswear), Linda Baker (Linelle Central court), Richard Beaman (Beaman Butchers & Stable Bar, Kings Head Bridgnorth B&B Co.), Andy Corfiled (ABM pubs ltd – The Crown), Val Blount (Val Beaswax Jewellery), Kate King (St Marys Church), Johnny Themans (Good2Great), Julia Garrett & Lisa Wall (Charlie Spencer – Keith Alderson Butchers), Paul Taylor (Graze), Carrieanne (The Cake Room), Ian Moore (Wild Heart), Bob Esnum (Sustainable Bridgnorth), Michelle Ealey (Hopskotch),


Poppies – great initiative that gathered momentum – well done everyone  – but particularly thanks to Kirstie Hirst-Knight; Emma (Creative Outlet) and Carrieanne (the Cake Rooom). Incredible what can be achieved by speaking to each other. Did make it onto BBC Mids Today. Another collaborative initiative in Spring would be great.


Late Night Opening (Michelle, Hopscotch) Sarah (Mustard), Jenny Bone (MLWS) leading


There are more leaflets at Bridgnorth Print. Michelle can drop off posters. We’ve used £54 of collected marketing fund (a voluntary £5 from any retailers who would like to contribute – payment into PayPal acct). Richard at BN Print did banners and first few thousand fliers free of charge (Thankyou Richard). Jennie Bone (My Little Wedding Shop) put banners up on roundabouts (Thankyou Jenny). Money in pot – will look at advertising. Fliers can be put with bags through sales. Linda can encourage payment by Centre Court retailers – Michelle will share paypal account details).

Jenny is coordinating ‘inspiration boards’ (and is now an admin of LoveBridgnorth so she can do so). Please send any images of products/services (anything/everything!) with name of shop and pricing (or deals/offers). Anyone needing email address please contact Love Bridgnorth.

Already promoting the evenings on LoveBridgnorth facebook. Please all share (may boost posts with remaining funds – shopping post has already reached audience of 10k).

Ideas please for how to promote. (Not planning to do leaflet drop around houses this year). Word of mouth, leaflets on counter and in bags. Prosecco and goody bags on the evening etc.

Please use hashtags so campaign gathers momentum :

#BridgnorthChristmas #LoveBridgnorth (#ShopLocal)

Lively streets:

Needs repeating year on year to build momentum. This year we have street entertainers etc. on several streets. Maybe trying to do something outside cinema. Bewdley Concert Band under Town Hall (Val to let Michelle know how many chairs, Town Hall or Andy at Crown may be able to provide) on 13th Dec. Sarah’s coordinating. Not any street stalls (food etc.) in order to not compete with businesses and also Outdoor cinema to sell mulled wine etc to recoup some of the costs.

Large retailers not participating so more of a ‘hassle free, independent shopping’ focus. Need musicians and lights along street to encourage people to go along sidestreets etc. – how to overcome darkened shop fronts? Some will leave lights on even if not open (permit people to see what they offer). Sally to see if Town Hall lights can be illuminated.

Slots for entertainment are 6pm and 7pm – Michelle to let Sally know details.


Cinema under town hall on 20th – Home Alone and Elf licensed to show. Bridgnorth Festival have posted about this today. Discussion re. time and film (were hoping for Love Actually – but only PGs can be shown). Thanks again to Mark Brannigan and the team for putting this on.


Creche opportunity – church willing to establish for next year (perhaps in a vacant shop). Please share ideas with Kate King.

Christmas Eve/Sundays:

Richard Beaman wondered if market could be encouraged to come on Christmas Eve to help with atmosphere (Christmas Bands from Alverley etc). Other discussion was relating to exploring moving lights switch on to Sunday to coincide with market etc. (and minimise impact of street closure).

Sundays very busy (1st – fair, last – day before Christmas Eve, middle Sundays’ closed). Perhaps promote 3 weeks before Christmas “Bridgnorth Open For Business”.

NB don’t need a busking license in Bridgnorth – can just turn up!

Carrieanne to ask James at Cinema whether they might be able to do some entertainment as well as selling hotdogs (and having lights on).


Michelle trying to get free parking from 3pm onwards… sadly and annoyingly doesn’t look like SC will budge on this.


Whatsapp group – 90 members (and includes the police)

Georgie at My Little Wedding Shop administrates the group.




Images of Bridgnorth

Windows on New Market Buildings – going to have vinyl with historic images and write up on each to sign post towards businesses). Perhaps light them up? Town Council hopefully paying (coordinated by Clive Gwilt).

Clive has a dvd with thousands of images. Richard Beaman suggested a regular ‘LoveBridgnorth’ competition – paypal £1 entry… £50 prize if you guess where the image is.

Could explore projecting the images on the cinema screen between late night openings.


Bob: Sustainable Bridgnorth

Cllr Julie Buckley suggested #LoveBridgnorth:HatePlastic last meeting – suggested fabric bags etc. This has now ballooned with lots of interest from the media.

Sustainable Bridgnorth have now taken up the mantle and very keen to work with the retailers and to communicated. Bob Esnum here to introduce himself. Sustainable Bridgnorth has had two meetings on Plastic within a week 20 at first and 50 at second! Snowballing!

Officially Launching: #LoveBridgnorth:HatePlastic – will head for a February ‘big month’ delivery. Will need to be a build-up (meeting tomorrow to see how they can communicate well with shop – in partnership). Church Stretton Campaign over a year has got every shop on board – with stickers in every window.

Sustainable Bridgnorth will visit businesses in pairs asking:

Question 1: are there any ways in which you think you can reduce plastic (short or medium term) – very aware that for some businesses this would be a very difficult issue to address.

Offer: window sticker “we’re cutting down on plastic”. Could be accompanied by a statement of intent if the company is willing/able.

This campaign has led to 4 groups:

  1. Shops group (9 members – may need to increase… 190 outlets with street presence in just high town… may develop to include schools, Low Town and other businesses).
  2. Schools: (starting with primary and hopefully both secondary)
  3. Water refill scheme: Severn Trent (have done at primary school) – earmark certain refill stations along High Street (Cath, chair of SB is leading).
  4. Julia – bags etc. etc. etc. [Bob to send Julia’s statement to sally to share]

Andy (Crown) mentioned: license trade and straws (the Crown have switched to sea shell straws and Wetherspoons to paper). Paul (Graze) only give straw if requested (has massively dropped) and use biodegradable.

SB will need to look for sponsorship.

Independent retailers happy to lead the way to show that they are looking at plastic use really seriously.

Richard Beaman said friends in the plastics industry and is keen that information should be really clear (e.g. some bags are biodegradable). Historically, all meat was wrapped in grease proof paper with biodegradable bag (the cost was astronomical). 1tonne of food grade paper £2.5k.

Johnny mentioned HatePlastic feels like a negative campaign… Bob to take back to Sustainable Bridgnorth NB: This is being looked at – probably now #LoveBridgnorth;Don’t Like Plastic

John Major changing bags to paper but storage (weight and volume) is much harder.

Michelle and others offered to be on shops group – can join SB’s facebook page too. Next shop group meeting is tomorrow, 7pm in The Shakespeare.


Julia’s Update

  • Exploring paper, corn starch and other biodegradables materials. Richard( Bridgnorth Print) has info on suppliers, prices etc
  • Looking to establish a network of cafes for bulk ordering of biodegradable products (cups, spoons etc). Sam Amery at Giovanni’s is the lead.
  • Starting process of talking to chain stores but will take time. Spoke to M&Co and there is interest in becoming the first chain to support
  • Would like names of anyone willing to talk to media to showcase different partners involved.

Interest in ‘Bridgnorth bag’ (cloth), Bridgnorth cup and possible Reward Stamps for using bag or cup. This to be campaign funded.(Possible longer term project to be established)


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 16th January – 5.45pm – At the Crown

Merry Christmas!!!

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