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Retailers and traders meeting notes

Meeting notes of the last get together held at the start of August

Bridgnorth Retailers Meeting


  1. Introductions & apologies
  2. Report from Policing team
  3. Town Council Events & other business
  4. Chamber of Commerce Park & Ride
  5. Let’s Visit Bridgnorth
  6. Whats App/ FB group – how we communicate
  7. Free parking (raised by Michelle at Hopscotch)

 AOB – Love Bridgnorth stickers

Next meeting – VE Day celebrations 2020

Apologies received:

Debbie Richards – Hallmark
Dawn Jones – Mothers Goodies
Emma – Creative Outlet
Nina Best – Living Box
Becks and Jess – Alley Katz
Michelle Ealey – Hopscotch
Deb – Tea & Roses

Meeting Notes:


Andy Corfield (Crown) Val Blount (Val B’s Wax) Linda Baker (Linelle) Deborah Meredith (Tea & Roses) Maggie Rogers (The Travel Wallet) Geoff Davies ( Central Power & CofC ) Steve Robbins (CofC) Charlie Butler (Pamper that Pooch) Kevin Bellwood ( Roobarb) Lee Jakeman (Town Council) Ashley Kendrick (Town Council) Jenny Bone (MLWS) Richard & Kim Stillwell (Bridgnorth Print) Sally Themans (Love Bridgnorth) Jane d’Arcy (Coffee at d’Arcys) Sam Cole (Let’s Visit Bridgnorth)

Sally Themans thanked everyone for the attendance WhatsApp group had promoted the meeting; warm welcome to the town clerk and his PA in attendance plus Sam Cole of Let’s visit Bridgnorth booklet and the Chamber of Commerce.

Sally explained that the first meeting had been a year ago and it was felt that everyone wanted to keep the group going and these meetings informal.

Report from Mandy leak CPSO

Regarding problems reported on WhatsApp and use of the tool:

A community protection warning is trying to be placed on an individual who is causing problems in the town. Please be careful when using WhatsApp not to mention names.
A plea: when antisocial behaviour, shoplifting etc occurs please log the incident (it really helps them) please ring 101.  Mandy knows that it can be frustrating please be patient – if you can’t get through then West Mercia website ‘contact us’ and you can log the incident.

Legalities of what is being shared on WhatsApp – please can everyone make sure that images are not being saved automatically and clear your chat.  This has been discussed with the police and it’s OK because it’s a closed group but we all need to be responsible please be very careful with opinions and only share what is relevant.

WhatsApp etiquette
Discussion around how WhatsApp is used;  Need some ground rules – be careful with banter please do not abuse this useful tool. The question of whether we have a closed Facebook group was discussed. Those present felt that WhatsApp is great because it is instant – but we do need a code of contact i.e. people do not need every message responded to. Georgina to issue a reminder to keep it business like.

Town Council events and other business

Ashley Lee Jackman and Ashley Kendrick introduced to the group. Talked about what events are planned… the town clerk explained that the town council should keep things ticking and the desire that local events should be community led as there is not a bottomless pit of money!

From the town council perspective the problem is we only hear from people who don’t like an event and the council is mindful that people are worn down by lots of road closures etc.

The re-scheduled carnival is on a Sunday in September as Saturday is seen as bad for trade  – traders vary in their views about this.

The town clerk went on to say that if local resident’s money is spent it needs to spend be spent wisely – and there is always a balance between events that residents enjoy and what works for traders.

CCTV is paid for by the residents from council tax, he is protective of traders who pay business rates – there has to be a balance as the market attract visitors he also said that some residents see tourists taking priority.  

Carnival is now on the 22nd September a shortened version – a celebratory community event – magic for the kids. No fairground this year. Road closure will end on Lisley Street and a low-key event will occur in the Castle Grounds with small children’s rides and presentations. Family orientated alcohol (not ideal) but there will be some stalls.

Christmas lights switch on 22nd of November
Remembrance Sunday is a British Legion event volunteers are welcome and for all events as we are struggling to put things on.

Park & Ride – Chamber of Commerce

Currently four people run this approximately 30 to 40 cars use this every week.  The assembled meeting said that the WhatsApp group could promote it on a Friday and maybe shops could have a flyer or a poster? No money is made out of the park-and-ride.
Steve Robbins explained that they are desperate for volunteer drivers on a Saturday – short test is required. It was felt that good the service is good for Bridgnorth and it would be nice to be able to maintain it. A callout for volunteer drivers can go on Love Bridgnorth – Sally to await wording for what is needed for from volunteer drivers and how and who to contact. Retailers present wanted to express their thanks to the chamber of Commerce.

Sam Cole Let’s Visit Bridgnorth

Sam has met most of the people present – please give her a call if you need any help uploading pictures and details into the booklet – is all in our own best interests. Sam hoping to get booklet out start of Sept.

Richard Stillwell mentioned that there are street maps in the library provided by original print these have been done free of charge to help the community.

 Train statue trail map – are more needed?

Free Parking

Shrewsbury free parking has just been announced.

We only seem to get free parking on Christmas light switch on day. It was explained that Shrewsbury has a specific problem & Shropshire Council have no desire to do it here.

Discussion around whether we could petition for free parking on a Sunday maybe? Or two hours free parking? We don’t want all day because we need the turnover of vehicles and shoppers.  Discussion about parking meters. Obviously different types of business have different requirements in terms of how long shoppers need!
Traffic wardens are also an issue with tickets being very efficiently issued. Agreed to lobby county councillors about free parking on Sundays and 2 hrs free during the week.


Jenny Bone mentioned the High Street stage for the music festival would be Sunday 25th of August.

Nock Dighton are paying for a Love Bridgnorth window stickers which will also mention the Great British High Street win.

Sally thanked all for attending the next meeting will be 23rd September at Prezzo

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