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Ghostly Walks – The Movie!

Over the last 20 years several thousand people have been on the Theatre on the Steps Ghost Walks which are absolutely excellent and have acquired a deserved and dedicated following.

Due to Covid 19, this year’s Ghost Walk cannot take place so those resourceful folk at the Theatre have created ‘Bridgnorth Ghost Walk The Movie’…

The story line takes you on an eerie midnight tour of the avenues and alleyways of the ancient town of Bridgnorth, as you try to escape from the ghostly apparitions that greet you on every street corner, meeting the lost spirits that haunt those streets. All the characters are derived from true events recorded in the town’s annals, and include tales of grisly murders, tragic accidents as well as some brave actions which still resulted in death; all of which have left tormented souls searching for peace and a final resting place.

The film has been recorded over several nights in September, with footage inside some of the places that it is not possible for the audiences to visit on the Ghost Walk itself. 10 of the best known ghosts of Bridgnorth are featured, including the story of William and Charlotte, which is recorded in almost all the books featuring the world’s most famous ghost stories. Two stories, never before told, bring the film to a heart-rending climax, the first is of the tall Doctor, wearing a long black coat, carrying a Doctors bag, often being reported as walking down Stoneway Steps and standing outside what are the now the doors to theTheatre on The Steps. Those reports of the Doctor, haunting those steps date well back into the last century, in the days when the building was a congregational chapel.

The second story tells how Mary, now known as the ghost of the theatre, met her untimely end. Part of her headstone can still be seen outside the theatre, and her waif like form has been seen making her way up the stairs leading to the top room of the theatre. The Doctor is played by BBC Radio Shropshire presenter Adam Green with Leah Williams portraying Mary. The movie has been produced by film production company, Vision in Colour, and is due for general release from the 22nd October, and will be available to download on Amazon PrimeVideo, as well as on DVD and Blueray, BUT YOU CAN PRE-ORDER NOW

at a cost of £12

This film is part funded by Bridgnorth Town Council, Marches Enterprise Fund .

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